Cerlac 2019: more athletes, more countries and more beds sold

Cerlac will beat its own activity record this year: more athletes, more countries and more beds sold. From January to the end of August, national teams and clubs from Germany, Algeria, Belarus, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ukraine lodged in our Laias training centre: a total of 913 athletes, both rower and canoeist. Regarding clubs, the most represented country has been England, they were training in our facilities Eton, Oxford, Borlase, Vesta, Sherwsburry, Putney, Auriol, Oratory, followed by Germany with the Hessicher Ruderverband club and Rhein Main province. Cerlac appreciates the confidence expressed during this season, both the centre facilities and the staff taking care directly of the athletes. We wish them every success in their sporting activity.


Third training in Laias for the Oxford lightweight women team

Third training in Laias for the Oxford lightweight women team, this time they could enjoy the new year eve in Galician lands. Helped by the good weather and good water conditions of the river Miño, they could fulfilled the work at 100%, For these reason the English club booked new date to come back to Cerlac later this year

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Shrewsbury school improves its physical performance with a new concentration in Laias High performance rowing center

The Laias rowing center started the sports season on October 14 accommodating in its facilities  45 rowers of the English school SHREWSBURY. For this new campaign the goals of the  British team was the composition of the new crews and the improvement of the athletes physical performance  and their technical aspects, according to the coaches the results have been achieved during this Stay in Cerlac, and they took the opportunity to mark a new concentration for 2018.