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The rowing  and canoeing training center at Balneario de Laias will host a Thousand rowers and canoeists of the different nationalities this year, including the rowing federations of Spain and the  canoeing federation of Sweden, which have already started their concentrations in the town thermal  to prepare for de Paris 2024 Olympics, also  the Latvia Kayak Federation,  wich will be training at its facilities during de month of March.

Those who contribute  the most paddlers to Cerlac are the  teams from institutes and universities from England, the Netherlands an Denmark, and the presence of some of them, that of the Kayak Swedicsh Federation, extends for almost three months in intermitent periods. Several veteran clubs from the United Kingdom will also be at Cerlac preparing the competitions in  their respective categories..

Throughout this year,  Cerlac will welcome rowers and canoeists  from England, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, France and Netherlands, consolidating itsself as European reference for athletes practiciing these nautic disciplines .

In the pfhoto, shirts from  the Phocas club from the Netherlands training in Laias.

Equipos alemanes

Cerlac consolidates its international dimension with de presence of federations and clubs from Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Portugal

During these firts months of the year, the Laias, Arnoia and Castrelo de Miño Rowing Trainning has welcomted the German and Spanish Rowing Federations and the Swedish Canoeing Federation, as well as club from Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Portugal, an activity that consolidates it as an international reference  for the practice of this sport in the waters of the Miño River.

Remo 2022

Teams and national teams from Spain, Germany, England and Portugal relaunch Cerlac after the pandemic

Cerlac has recovered its full activity this year after the two years of pandemic that prevented some clubs and national teams from enjoying the high performance centre of the thermal village of Laias normally. Germany, England and Spain have been the countries that have had more presence in the centre during the first part of the year, which also welcomed during this month of August teams from other countries that participated in the Coupe de Jeunesse de Castrelo de Miño.

On the part of Germany trained in the Cerlac the teams Jochen, Hassia and Rudergessel and the Paralympics of canoe; on the part of England, Putney, Shrewburry, Church Oxford, Thames and Auriol Kesin and on the part of Spain teams of the Absolute Selection and the Junior of Rowing and formations of the Canoe Selection, in particular the Absolute of Kajak and Canoe, the Sub 23 and the Paralympics. It was also present at Cerlac Portugal with its canoeing team.

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Laias Thermal Spa obtains the certification of safe destination (safe tourism certified) in risk prevention of Covid-19 transmission

The Spanish Tourism Quality Institute has awarded to our Laias Thermal Spa the certification of the “Tourist Quality” and “Safe Tourism Certified” seals, both are quality and safe tourism marks in Spain. The audits performed by this institute in the thermal village certify the Caldaria’s commitment to the quality of management and to the prevention against Covid-19 transmission risks.



Successes of Spanish rowing and canoeing in 2020 after the months of concentration in Laias

After more than two months of training at the Cerlac facilities, which start again its activity last July, the junior team of the Spanish Rowing federation and an other 2 teams of the Spanish canoeing federation won several medals in both competition, the European Championship for the junior rowing team in Serbia and the World Championship in Hungary for the canoeing teams, fulfilling the goals set during the hard training days they done in Laias, a high-performance centre that after the pandemic situation has complete a certification process to be a safe destination for athletes in Covid-19 prevention.




Cerlac 2019: more athletes, more countries and more beds sold

Cerlac will beat its own activity record this year: more athletes, more countries and more beds sold. From January to the end of August, national teams and clubs from Germany, Algeria, Belarus, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ukraine lodged in our Laias training centre: a total of 913 athletes, both rower and canoeist. Regarding clubs, the most represented country has been England, they were training in our facilities Eton, Oxford, Borlase, Vesta, Sherwsburry, Putney, Auriol, Oratory, followed by Germany with the Hessicher Ruderverband club and Rhein Main province. Cerlac appreciates the confidence expressed during this season, both the centre facilities and the staff taking care directly of the athletes. We wish them every success in their sporting activity.