Remo 2022

Teams and national teams from Spain, Germany, England and Portugal relaunch Cerlac after the pandemic

Cerlac has recovered its full activity this year after the two years of pandemic that prevented some clubs and national teams from enjoying the high performance centre of the thermal village of Laias normally. Germany, England and Spain have been the countries that have had more presence in the centre during the first part of the year, which also welcomed during this month of August teams from other countries that participated in the Coupe de Jeunesse de Castrelo de Miño.

On the part of Germany trained in the Cerlac the teams Jochen, Hassia and Rudergessel and the Paralympics of canoe; on the part of England, Putney, Shrewburry, Church Oxford, Thames and Auriol Kesin and on the part of Spain teams of the Absolute Selection and the Junior of Rowing and formations of the Canoe Selection, in particular the Absolute of Kajak and Canoe, the Sub 23 and the Paralympics. It was also present at Cerlac Portugal with its canoeing team.

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